Tax Abatements

Each year property owners are required to pay taxes assessed by the local Assessors. All taxpayers have a right to file for an abatement of their taxes if they believe their property has not been fairly assessed. Contact the Assessor’s office for the correct form. Applications for abatements are due on or before the due date for payment of the first actual bill.

Tax Exemption

Others may be eligible for tax exemptions which release a person from the requirement to pay all or a fraction of their property tax obligations. Exemptions are available to those individuals that meet the various requirements in the following categories: elderly, blind, minor children of deceased police or firefighter killed in the line of duty, disabled veterans, widows/widowers and minor children with a deceased parent. Contact the Assessor’s for information and forms. Applications for personal exemptions are due on December 15 or within 3 months of the mailing of the first actual tax bill.