Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was adopted by Granville voters at the Annual Election of April, 2008. The Act authorizes a surcharge with certain exemptions on property tax bills and the funds are to be segregated and used for specific purposes. The funds are available for the acquisition, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation or creation of:
  1. Open Space
  2. Historical Resources
  3. Community Housing
  4. Recreational Resources

THERE IS AN OPENING ON THE COMMITTEE! Please contact the Chair through Town Hall at (413) 357-8585 if you are interested in serving. 

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Pierce Key Contact, Chair
Linda Blakesley Member
Sarah Meiklejohn Member
Brian Falcetti Member
Frances Gleason Member
Marilyn Tkaczuk Member
Vin Lafleur Member
Angela Sanctuary Member