Percolation Tests & Septic Plans

Eric Forish is the Board of Health Administrator. He observes all percolation tests and reviews all septic plans.  Septic Plan Reviews also require the Conservation Commission to review th plan. To reach Eric, please contact Town Administrator Matt Streeter either by email at or call Town Hall at (413) 357-8585 ext. 0.

Fees (as of March 15, 2021)

Percolation Test$300.00
Septic Plan Review & Permit Issuance$400.00
Conservation Plan Review$100.00
Septic Installer License$30.00
Septage Hauler's Permit$125.00
Trench Permit$50.00
Inspection Rate/Per Hour Rate$75.00
Driveway Permit$60.00
Full List of Building & Board of Health Fees 



Perc Season

The percolation season is March 15th through May 15th, and September 15th through November 15th.

Request a Test

To request a percolation test, you can complete the Application for Percolation Test, and return it to Town Hall. You will need to secure a Trench Permit for the perc test, as well as when you install the system. If the Inspector has questions about wetlands, you will also be required to have the lot reviewed by the Conservation Commission before the lot is perked.

Results of Perc Tests

In instances where a percolation test fails the percolation rate, retesting of the site will not be allowed until after one (1) year from the date of the test failure.  Instances where a percolation test fails the percolation rate a second time, retesting of the site will not be allowed until after five (5) years from the date of the second test failure.

In instances in which an authorized, valid and adequately documented percolation test has been conducted but for which a Disposal System Construction Permit (DSCP) has not been issued within two (2) years of said test, the Board of Health (BOH) shall review such test results before a DSCP may be issued.  The percolation test will not be valid after two years unless the BOH is petitioned for an extension.  Up to three (3) one-year extensions may be granted by the BOH.  In no instances shall such percolation test results be deemed valid for a period in excess of five (5) years from the date of the percolation test.  Sample letter to BOH requesting extesion.

Septic Installers

All newly licensed septic installers must complete an exam for licensing. The Septic Installer Exam Form should be completed and returned to the Town Hall.

Waste Management

Please see the Transfer Station webpage for any information regarding solid waste management.