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Transfer Station


The Transfer Station is located at 89 Water Street in Granville. (413) 357-6011                                TRANSFER STATION HOURS

OPEN:Tuesdays from 1pm-5pm & Saturdays from 9am-5pm.

The Attendant is Tom Wheeler.

Transfer Station tickets are only available for purchase by Granville residents and by check at the Transfer Station while open.                                                                                                                        

The cost is $75.00 for all Punch Cards, which are different colors for different sized bags.   

  • 15 punches on a $75 punch card for fifty (50) gallon bags.
  • 20 punches on a $75 punch card for forty-two (42) gallon bags.
  • 28 punches on a $75 punch Card for thirty (30) gallon bags.
  • 60 punches on a $75 punch card for thirteen (13) gallon bags.
  • Payments by checks only; Payable to : Town of Granville

All trash must be in a tied bag...NO LOOSE TRASH OR BARRELS!!

The following items are BANNED from going into the compactor: recyclable items, compost and yard waste, hazardous products, mercury containing items, construction materials.                        For the full list please follow this link: Information on Waste Bans

See below for Hazardous Products collection site!

Clothes & Textiles Are Collected at the Transfer Station!

Check out MassDEP's Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory (

Household Hazardous Products at NEDT Westfield

The Town will pay for the first $30 of products for Granville residents at the drop-off collection center at 130 East Main St. Westfield (across from Staples & Taco Bell).

NEDT WESTFIELD HOURS: Open Mondays & Wednesday 9am-4pm; and Saturday 9am-1pm.
130 East Main St. Westfield (across from Staples & Taco Bell). Bring ID confirming residency!


Latex paint not accepted as it is accepted at Transfer Station.


The Transfer Station accepts all MRF recyclables.

Recycling Information can be found here: Recycling Information   

You may recycle Aerosol Cans

The entire Town's recycling goes to the Springfield MRF. Follow this link to see what happens when they arrive

Single Stream Recycling: Everything below in one compactor!  No Changes in TRASH collection. Remember it is single stream recycling!

Acceptable PAPER:

  • All paper and cardboard must be clean & dry
  • Junk mail - Plastic windows okay
  • Boxboard - Cereal, shoe, cracker boxes, clean pizza boxes, etc. Remove plastic liners.
  • Newspapers/inserts
  • Magazines/catalogs
  • Paper bags
  • White and colored office paper
  • Computer paper
  • Corrugated cardboard - Flatten, remove tape. Do not tie with string.
  • Paperbacks and phone books -covers okay

Acceptable CONTAINERS:

  • Glass bottles/jars, only clear, green, or brown, less than 2.5 gallons - Labels, lids, neck rings, etc. are ok.
  • Aluminum, tin/steel cans and lids, and aluminum foil - Labels are ok.
  • Milk & juice cartons (tent top), drink boxes - Remove straws & caps, flatten.
  • Plastic bottles, jars, and tubs. Caps, lids, and pumps are ok, but must be left on the container. No loose caps or lids.
  • New! Clear plastic hinged containers (clamshells). No clamshells that are black plastic, styrofoam or compostable.

Remember to rinse containers before recycling.

No light bulbs, window or auto glass, dishes, glasses, Pyrex, ceramics, or broken glass.

No paint cans or other household metal objects.

No plastic bags, containers over 2.5 gallons, motor oil jugs, chemical or Styrofoam containers or flower pots.

The Transfer Station accepts Bulky Rigid Plastics!

Click here for details!


Additionally the Transfer Station accepts loose metal, appliances, tires, electronic equipment. We also have a book recycling container for books, CD's, DVD's, and records and a clothing/textiles recycling container.


Tires (no rims): $7 Large Tires: $15

Appliances with Freon: $15-$40 Electronics: $10-$30

Couches: $30 Recliners: $20


Twin: $20 Double: $25

Box Springs

Twin: $20 Double: $25


Scrap Metal (Steel Only) is FREE to drop off!

Please Make All Checks Payable to the “Town of Granville”

Thank you.

We try to keep the content and information on this page as up to date as possible.  If you find an error or have further questions please email and put "transfer station" in subject line.