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The DPW Superintendent is Doug Roberts. His hours are daily from 7am until 3:30pm. He works out of the Town Hall. He may be contacted by calling 357-8585, ext.6. His cell phone number is 413-455-4446.

Other members of the Highway team are full-timers Corey Nobbs & Dana Loomis.
Tom Wheeler is the Transfer Station Attendant. (Link to Transfer Station here)

Kate Crochiere is the part-time Administrative Assistant specializing as a conservation, wetlands and environmental consultant. She is a grant writer and involved in the successful MassWorks project.


Trench Application

Winter Roads Policy

Wood Cut By Town Crew Policy


In effect from November 1 - to April 30

·         On-street parking is prohibited. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

·         Parking at the Town Hall, Library, or school is restricted to those doing Town business during business hours.

·         During winter road operations, main roads are a priority. Therefore, Route 57, Route 189, and Old Westfield Road will be cleared first.

·         Town Roads with low use may be closed for the winter.

·         Depositing snow on a Town road is prohibited.

·         Plowing snow across a Town road is prohibited.

·         “All season” tires are not a substitute for snow tires.

·         High quality snow tires are essential.  

·         Limit travel during storm events.

·         Drive below the posted speed. 

·         Be aware of changing road conditions, flurries, and frost. Shaded areas become hazardous rapidly. An isolated weather event will create hazardous conditions. Notorious for this are the Gorge, Hairpin Turn, the North end of Old Westfield Road, and Water Street by the Transfer Station.

 Winter Storm Policy

Mailbox Damage During Winter Storms and Snow Removal Operations

WINTER STORM POLICY: Responsibility for Fixing/Replacing Roadside Mailboxes

This policy applies to all Granville residents with roadside mailboxes.

Roadside mailboxes damaged by snow discharged from the snow plows will be at the cost and responsibility of the homeowner to fix or replace.

Roadside mailboxes damaged by the plow itself will be fixed or replaced by the Granville Highway Department.


The Highway Department fixes all mailboxes that are hit by the plow as soon as possible. If

the snow coming off the plow breaks the mailbox, we do not fix them.

Most mailboxes in Granville are closer to the pavement edge than recommended by the

postal service. Mailboxes and posts are in a poor state of repair and cannot with-stand heavy

snow coming off a plow.

Every mailbox that has ever been hit by an operator has been repaired with an apology for the inconvenience.

Any resident can call my cell phone at (413) 455-4446 to discuss mailboxes or any other Highway Department activities. The Highway Department can also be reached at (413) 357-8585 ext. 6.


Thank you,


The Granville Highway Department